With almost 30 years of practical experience, Richard Corrigan Chef Consulting offers a full complement of services for new product development.

Pro_MG_6566duct exploration, improvement and implementation from Richard Corrigan Chef Consulting. We listen to your ideas and share in your passion for new inspirational foods, dishes, and service features, that create the wow factor. We then work to help you exceed your highest expectations. With creative strategies for justifiable, sustainable recipes with original signatures, we provide efficient and profitable models for future progress and growth.

If you need nutritional analysis, marketing and branding assistance, recipe expansion, food research or product testing, contact Richard Corrigan Chef Consulting today.

Recipe Development

Creating new menu items can be an strenuous and time consuming task sometimes. However, the experience and knowledge of an experienced Chef like Richard Corrigan can make recipe development a snap love. Joy, having fun with new recipe can be key ingredient in development. Richard Corrigan’s extensive background in culinary_MG_6520 arts, can be a great advantage and he will work with you to develop the recipes that fit your needs – as well as including vendor sourcing and a food cost that meets your budget requirements.

Need to bake your own breads? Do you need gluten-free concepts? Vegetarian, Vegan options? Or just something different to give your menu a fresh lift? We can help you deliver the taste and value your customers want.  Today the demand for clean dishes, that dont have so many toxins in the products, that are used to make the dish is huge. It’s a known fact now that table sugar and salt are chemicals, which are very carcinogenic to the body, and alternatives are required. Contact us now!



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