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Stuck In A Bad PLace

Emotional eating is eating that uses food to make yourself feel better emotionally as eating is your primary emotional coping mechanism. People often get stuck in a bad place as instead of addressing the issue, they eat. While the eating often feels good in the moment people are then left with feelings of guilt,powerlessness and vulnerability. How did people become this way?

This has developed due to parents and teachers rewarding good behaviour with bad food which completely contradicts one another. This allowed a habit to develop through association. If children did are rewarded it creates a sense of triumph in themselves and every time they have this sense of triumph they also have a chocolate bar. So the chocolate then represents triumph and good. These habits from childhood follow people into adulthood, developing a strong connection between bad foods and good feelings.

Teachers are encouraging this habit to grow by giving students junk foods are rewards, instead of associating junk food with negativity it then becomes positive. This habit, once formed is very difficult to break.

Instead of teaching emotional eating habits, teachers should be teaching mindful eating habits. Mindful eating develops your awareness of eating habits and allows you fully understand your actions.

Emotional Knowledge Is The Key

Teaching children the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger is a significant step towards mindful eating habits. People that are genuinely hungry will seek fulfilling foods as opposed to someone who has emotionally driven cravings. So if you are sincerely hungry you are more likely to opt for filling foods like pasta in comparison to people that are emotionally hungry who are more likely to opt for a quick junk food snack. It is important for emotional eaters to try chose to the healthy option first. A good way of doing this would be having all your healthy snacks at eye view when you look in the cupboard or the fridge so that you automatically reach for the  healthy option first.

To Be Conscious

It is important to be conscious of your emotions before you start eating. If not, it can cause people to develop a lot of guilt and anxiety around foods. That’s why it is necessary to take a pause before consuming anything to check in on our emotional state.
Mindful eating is very simple it just takes practice and patience. It helps restore  a healthy relationship with food and allows you to be more health conscious of the food you consume. To practice mindful eating, the 5 senses are essential.
1. Smell
2. Sense
4. Touch
5. Taste
While sitting down to eat food, focus on the 5 senses. It helps you understand the difference between emotional eating and eating when you’re hungry. It will also help you become more connected with your spiritual self. This is why is it better for teachers to teacher students to mindful eat not emotional eat, teaching them to eat healthily and reward good bbehaviorwith good food rather than leading them down the wrong road and influencing them to associate bad food with good things.

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