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'Child lying in hospital bed, doctor standing by side'Whether it’s for charity or facilities every school holds at least one bake sale to fund raise for a one cause or another. At these fundraisers the baked goods are so cheap and tasty and it’s for a good cause, so students often indulge. Their parents often funding them to show support for the cause. So if it’s for a good cause, is it really a bad thing? Yes! Schools poorly accommodate for healthy eating whether it’s due to lack of funds or the lack of popularity around healthy food or whatever the reason is, it’s poorly accommodated nonetheless. If that wasn’t bad enough through these cake sales they’re motivating unhealthy eating, obesity, over-eating but what’s worse is the effects that this has on the children and teenagers consuming these sugar filled snacks.

If your child is over-weight or obese they are more likely to score lower on tests due to a lower memory, less sleep, less mental endurance not to mention the risk of diabetes, cancer, bone loss, fatigue and chronic heart problems. Still think it’s all for a “good cause” ?

What Other Ways Can We Reward Our Children

There are many other ways to fund raise and ways that promote physical activity such as a student vs teachers race, it’s good fun, there is physical activity involved not to mention students have an opportunity to defeat their teachers in a race. Car washes, raffles, water balloon fights, home made cards, anyway, there are endless ways to fund raise and raise awareness without encouraging obesity or over indulging in sugary cakes. Not to be a party-pooper about cake sales and teachers giving children sweets that contain chemicals that deteriorate children’s learning capabilities, as guardians of the future and the children being the future, is it not time for us as responsible, educated people to change those nasty habits of feeding “junk foods” to our children, or have we  got to a stage in our evolution that we don’t care ?

Schools may be underfunded but that is not an excuse for not accommodating for healthy eating within the school. Cake sales are not going to promote the idea of healthy eating, never mind raising money for it.

Schools are places we send our children, we trust them, we wouldn’t leave them in their care otherwise but it’s time that cake sales come to a cease and are replaced with more innovative and creative means of fundraising rather than allowing our children to over consume these cheap baked goods when we don’t even know what’s in them, most of the time!

Many cake sales may seem like harmless treats but they really aren’t especially as they aren’t solemn occasions and occur very frequently in schools, resulting in frequent consumption of these wretched sugar cakes filled with empty calories and who knows what else.

Do We Love Our Children

Boy patients pushing female friend in wheelchair on hospital childrens wardTo conclude, it is not the fundraising that is negative but the monthly cakes sales that are encouraging unhealthy eating and because the event is usually positive with a good atmosphere and a good cause students don’t actually see much harm in have three or four but it’s like saying what’s the harm in smoking? Everything.

It is the ethical and moral duty of the school as a key figure in students life to set an example and educate students alongside parents how a healthy lifestyle can be achieved and maintained and not encourage careless eating habits but allowing frequent bake sales to occur. In future fundraising think creatively and inventively not repetitive and destructive.

Finally, now that we have the knowledge and the know how, why don’t our schools have whole foods education curriculum for children, when they start school ? The answer may surprise you and maybe even shock you, our school curriculum’s were designed by biased people from corporate entities that were biased, why is that ? Could it be the same reason that the medical industry continue to deny us the cures for illnesses derived from these junk food infested chemicals ? We are living in changing times and if we are going to continuously give our power to commercial corporations who tell us what to eat and whats OK, to give our children is insane. Our food needs to be local, in season and from suppliers who have “duty of care” to its customers and not the opposite, “couldn’t care” about customers well being and care more about the profits. Parents who continuously feed junk food to their own children need reexamine there life values and explain to children, the consequences long term to there health.  For every piece of junk food we give our children, we take energy from our children, as junk food has no real electric energy and while digesting the junk food, we loose energy and disrupt our natural physiology, not to mention hindering our own children’s success in life.  Feeding Junk to children, feeds the medical industries pockets, we can avoid the hospitals for good, if we can teach our children how to eat properly.

The Food Industry

Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, is a flavoring agent. It is a form of concentrated salt added to foods to enhance the flavor that is present in a variety of fast food and convenience food items. There has been much debate over the years about this food additive, and even though MSG is “generally recognized as safe” by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) one of the most dubious corporations in the world, that dont research as they should, rather they take highest bids, to get a certificate of approval for human consumption, there has been numerous reports of skin rashes, itching, hives, vomiting, asthma, heart irregularities, depression, seizures, headache, migraines, chest pain, nausea, and weakness – these reactions may occur because MSG in fast food is highly processed. For example 99% of Chinese food industry use MSG and it gets worse, instead of throwing out there rancid oil from fat fryers, they use it to make curry sauce, a fact you deserve to know

PS. It has come to attention of many accredited experts in the food industry, that some corporations, companies purposely add addictive ingredients to encourage repeat sales. Be aware, Be vigilant people and live a long healthy life with wholefoods.

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Cake sales : Profit Second, obesity first.

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