healthy foodsRichard Corrigan  Health Foods Concepts  specializes in the development of food solutions for the Commercial industry,  hospitals, corporate canteens, sports nutrition and health food industries on a worldwide basis.
Sourcing the finest ingredients locally and working with specialist team of food technologists and engineers, we work tirelessly to produce safe, high-quality food solutions to meet our customers’ needs. We have a variety of key specialists in their field of expertise, that take the production of food very passionately.
Richard Corrigan  Health Foods Concepts we are problem solvers and solution providers to today’s food industry, that are in synergy with people’s needs. We work as partners to provide solutions and add value by determining our customers requirements and devising new product innovations to suit their needs.
Our customers are driven by today’s consumer demands for quality, diverse taste ranges, food options and improved human health which we are continuously striving to progress. We offer a vast range of concepts of products working with our customers ingredients.
We also offer solutions to companies looking to get away from the old stale food habits of past, with the introduction of education

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