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Working parents find it very difficult to do it all, maintaining a house, working, cooking, cleaning, looking after their children and the countless other tasks which are required of parents on a daily basis. While it is hard to manage everything, it is still not an excuse to not provide the correct nourishment for your children. You often see many children being given money for their lunches and the parents are unaware of what their children will buy and almost uncaring. As children are unfortunately not educated enough about food, they often make the wrong choices in lunch. This results in tired children as they are not getting the subsistence they need.

Vending machines are the bane of unhealthy eating, proving nothing but junk food, the children may not be complaining because of the lack of knowledge. Most children have a pet peeve for healthy food and think that all healthy food tastes bad which is not true. Fresh, organic food has more taste than machine manufactured junk food.

It is important that rather than parents giving their children money to buy food for lunch to avoid the hassle, that they make fresh lunches for them to bring to school. It saves money but more importantly your children’s well being which is one of the most important things in order for your child you strive and grow.

These lunches don’t have to be time-consuming, in fact you can make it for the whole family so everybody has a nourishing, healthy lunch, the children included.

It is disappointing to see the lines at canteens, lining up to purchase junk food. Schools do not provide enough options for students for lunches at all but it is up to you as a parent to provide nourishment for your children.

The other issue is that parents don’t educate their children enough about things like empty calories, saturated fats or carbohydrates so these words mean nothing to children. This means that children may think they are choosing the healthy option as the product will sell itself as such, deceiving consumers while if children were aware of these things they would be come more conscious of what they put in their bodies so that when they’re older they won’t end up going through endless diet fads and putting their body through torture. They will have an understanding and an awareness of their own, allowing them to make educated choices when it comes to their body.

So parents I ask you to put your money where your children’s mouths are. Prevent your children from putting toxic products in their mouth by educating them. Make their lunches, so you know they are receiving the correct nourishment they need to grow. It may be time consuming but this is the most important time in their life where they will be moulded as people, so sway them in the right direction and teach them the value of food which they deserve to know.

Your children are important and so is their health.

Take the Heads out f the SAND!

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Put your money where your kids mouths are.

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